Sterling Brunch Buffet – Bally's Las Vegas

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25 thoughts on “Sterling Brunch Buffet – Bally's Las Vegas”

  1. Buffets are not very common in my country where people eat normal portions. Maybe it’s a more popular dining option in a country where the average person is obese? Quantity over quality is perhaps more appealing to the American public?

  2. If i was gonna go to a buffet like this, especially considering the price, i would probably starve myself the day before lmao just to ensure i get my money's worth.

  3. Great review! We absolutely love this place and considering they charge $25 per pour on the regular menu of this particular champagne, and goodness knows how much the lobster tails go for it doesn't take much to get your money's worth.

  4. This was a great review! You definitely got your money's worth. I was surprised at how noisy it was in there!! I don't like eating where it's loud so this may not be a favorite of mine. Do you have any advice on the best time to go? Since we're going on our first full day (flying in Saturday, going Sunday) we figure we'll be up early so we might go right when they open because for us that might be mid-day LOL. I was thinking it might be less crowded then, but also I don't really like eating a big meal early. The food looks great – food wise this is definitely a buffet we're both excited about (Brian for the seafood, Carmen for what looks like a lot of GF options).

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