Storytime : Colorism in …. Cayman Island?! Part 2 | Why Do We Travel So Much?!

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42 thoughts on “Storytime : Colorism in …. Cayman Island?! Part 2 | Why Do We Travel So Much?!”

  1. I appreciate the transparency and genuineness of your videos. Mad respect to the Mista for being willing to engage in what is often difficult dialogue for some to have. In my own experience I’ve found that it is often easier for White individuals to hear what is truly being communicated (when discussing issues of overt/covert racism, micro-aggressions, etc) when it comes from a White ally. And I applaud the maturity demonstrated to not automatically “pop off” after a situation like that. Can’t say that I’m there yet 🤦🏾‍♀️🤣

  2. I think when Black people start to Understand the following Facts; that: (1) They are not second-class citizens; so therefore, they are not responsible for educating other ethnic groups about right v. Wrong; nor appropriate v. Inappropriate behavior in public; and (2) It is really not necessary to React to someone else's bad behavior; unless you decide to Volunteer your time and make it a teachable moment. (3) In some instances, women can be bullies toward other women — especially when they deliberately want you to feel less than; and they will play this Passive/Aggressive game of pretending that they don't understand why you are reacting the way you are. (4) They essentially try to draw you into this game for the purpose of getting a Reaction — to confirm to themselves, that you do feel inferior to them — so that they may feel better about themselves. It's all a Game; and you certainly are not obliged to participate, unless you want to.

  3. Awesome topic that was much needed to be addressed. I'm glad that you talked about this matter your right some people don't like talking about this but it's reality, no more silence let's continue to keep it 💯 it's time to take a stand now. Thank you for sharing your vlog ❤️❤️

  4. Ahhh, your relationship is so refreshing to me. I love that you’re so transparent with your experiences. Literally my favorite couples channel. Thank you for sharing yourselves. You’re the example of the relationship/marriage I hope to gain in my future!

  5. I love that you approach HR before you broached any conversation with that woman. That was prudent as these days, companies will let you go at the merest hint that a situation could cause PR /legal problems. I'd like for you guys to do a video on what exactly one could say to the ignorant in such circumstances. Personally, I get overwhelmed with the lack of empathy and what I see as willful ignorance of some racist individuals. I don't even know where to start in their correction or enlightenment. As a result, I have been a poor champion for such issues and people leave just as dumb as they arrived.

  6. Much respect. I’m glad you confronted her because I thought in the last video that’s what I thought should have happened. Also as the husband I’m glad you did the confrontation because you are the head and the protector. Great couple! ❤️

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