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  1. Do you think you would be treated like you were a queen? In The Vegas there are special deals for rich people but for rest of us they try us regular and some are rude. You can't be treated in Las Vegas like you were a rich person. Anyway all is fine with me. The bad and the good.

  2. that's what AC does they cycle on and off … and keep in mind any place thats 115F is going to take a long time to cool .. and room AC are not more then 10,000btu so your never going to have a cold room … I think your just a spoiled brat…. period

  3. Only positive experiences at The Stratosphere for me. I'd be frustrated without AC, but without having been there to witness this, there is another side to the story. I'm going to assume that you called front desk, complained and went on a tirade instead of "Hey, there's a problem with the AC, can we get switched to another room?" because my own experience of the hotel and staff indicates otherwise.

  4. After that last bit where they straight lied, I think I'd go down to the front desk and throw a hillbilly shitfit. Like my face would be pixellated on an episode of COPS, because a bitch would be about to get cut.

  5. Sorry you had a bad time. For my 40th birthday, I booked a room at Harrah's. Nothing major just the mardi gras room. We unpacked and the display was dead on warm. I went down to play and wife texted me when maintenance was done. Went back up and packed everything…they comped us a suite on the 32nd floor! we stayed all week up there for 232 bucks! I love caesars give them a go.

  6. I stayed at the Stratosphere hotel in August 2016 and it was perfectly fine everyone was polite and the place was clean so stop being so picky the hotel is one of the oldest hotels out there and you probably just got a faulty room not every room and person is like that so if you don't like that?…then go stay at Bellagio or something

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