Strip Walk Part 2!

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31 thoughts on “Strip Walk Part 2!”

  1. Best strip walk video EVER!. Great Job Erica and Colin. This video gives everyone sights they never see. A peaceful, quiet strip, how the sidewalks stay clean and shiny, escalators working, sunrise, and most importantly the Bellagio fountain being cleaned and the crew testing out the water cannons

  2. Went to Vegas with family this summer. We don't gamble or drink, but we still had fun! Enjoying some free things, the shows, the food, and even just exploring everything! There's honestly so much to see and do.

  3. I’ve wandered about Las Vegas that late/early on a visit back in 1996. A lot of changes from then; old casinos gone, new ones built. And no nightly washing of the sidewalks back then. Everything was dusty and litter most everywhere but especially in the areas between casinos like gift shops or areas under construction. A lot fewer ‘paper boxes’ and cards advertising…’services’ around now.

  4. My wife and I got married in Vegas around 14 yrs ago. We are returning in October this yr. YouTube was not a thing then so we had no idea there was sooooooooooooooooooo much more then what we did. We are staying at the Flamingo,my question if you don't mind me asking. Is the Monorail a good way to get around? We are from Cleveland ( GoOOOOOOOO BROWNS GOOOOOOOOOOOO BUCKS) and have not been on holliday since we got married lol. We own a small restaurant so ALLof our time is spent there. Any advice for us?

  5. The first night I arrived in Las Vegas, in January 2002, I set out from Circus Circus, and made it all the way to Mandalay Bay, then came down the other side, before settling on Fatburger at 4:30 in the morning, as my first meal in Las Vegas, then took a CAT bus the rest of the way.

    Remember thinking, “man the Travel Channel didn’t explain how far away all these places are from one another”! 🙂

  6. Always visiting vegas for vacation/family just wish they can do something more with the crack heads harassing tourist but i guess its a part of the experience

  7. Awesome.. When you get a chance can ya do a walk around Harrah's in and out.. plz.. and or general area. We are coming in Mar. , Just wanna get a feel for the updated area…. Love from Canada..

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