Struggling Owner Laughs at Being Over $1 Million in Debt | Hotel Hell

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28 thoughts on “Struggling Owner Laughs at Being Over $1 Million in Debt | Hotel Hell”

  1. It's good to be happy doing the things you love, but life isn't that easy. Your happiness now are just borrowed, you'll have to pay back all your debts eventually

  2. i wander how it feels to be a beta male dressed like Sherlock (who failed both his business and his marriage) having one of the best Alphas in the world looking at your face with disappointment

  3. The wife should murder his ignorant ass by clubbing him to death with a dildo, make a goulash out of him and then have the guests come over to have a real mystery night. What an absolute baboon of a husband.

  4. Sherlock doesn't like to be called out because he's always had it his own way.Him laughing and smiling while his wife is telling Gordon the truth spoke volumes . There's people out that you can hire to train you how to run a hotel efficiently and help turn a profit. Are they even open anymore?

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