Student Petitioner Allowed to Travel to Kashmir, State to Facilitate Travel & Protection | The Quint

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18 thoughts on “Student Petitioner Allowed to Travel to Kashmir, State to Facilitate Travel & Protection | The Quint”

  1. But thousands of others like him cannot meet or talk , those students or living abroad etc. No one knows what happend ? The Gov is playing some games and hiding something .

  2. Don't worry, Indian Security Forces are very Professional and are trying their best to prevent Terrorism and Violence in the region. Soon normalcy will prevail and all the Terrorists funded by Pakistan will be interrogated and deported to Pakistan, Kashmir will oon have Golden Days ahead !

    All thanks to the Current Government, Which has fulfilled its Promise of re-integrating Kashmir with rest of India. Don't listen to Fake Media, Pakistani Puppets like Sheila Rashid or Congress Party. The Governor – Satyapal Malik who lives there in Kashmir assured yesterday that people are delivered Food, Provisions and Medicine to their Homes.

  3. The moment he talks about family he chokes, I feel him. I haven't talked to anyone in my family for almost a month, it feels like its been ages since I heard their voice.

  4. Is chutiye ko 10 din me Petition dalne ki khujli mach gyi. Saala hamari 4 yrs me shadiyan, mundan, grih pravesh, saare bade events chhut gaye kyuki hamare tests ni khatam hote the engineering k. In saalon ko aise GF k sath chipakne me ghar ki yaad ni ayegi lekin kuch din ban kya lag gya, ghar jane ka RandiRona shuru ho gya. BC jb hmlogo ko Diwali holi me ghar jane me bomb blast ka khatra kr ke roka jata tha tb ye chutiye kaha chaati peet rhe the πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

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