STUNG BY A STRANGE FISH | Costa Rica Travel Vlog | Part 2

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23 thoughts on “STUNG BY A STRANGE FISH | Costa Rica Travel Vlog | Part 2”

  1. Awww LeighAnn I have been a subscriber since3 yrs ago… Never committed cuz I am to scared to… But let me tell you I have been watching your vlog channel all night and all day yesterday…I did not know you had a vlog channel… I have only watched your makeup ytube channel… But just letting you. I love you so much and i wish I could tell you what you really mean to me… You are such an inspirational person to me… You are perfect in my eyes …I wish I could be a part of a family like you have… πŸ˜₯πŸ˜₯πŸ˜₯ i love you gurl…

  2. Aww your trip looked fun. I googled "sea lice"….They are the microscopic larvae of jellyfish and they do sting. You probably have a minor lupus flare from the sting. I used to flare from insect bites…like as a kid I wouldn't scratch it and it'd be a golf ball sized welt.

  3. watching this vlog while I wait for a new one to be uploaded! (I also never watched this one for some reason) Seeing you and Grant together this long ago makes me so freaking happy! Love you and hope your roadtrip is going well!! :-*

  4. If it hurts a lot you should think about getting medical attention. Even if they can only suggest pain meds or something they might be able to give you some ideas on what could've done it.

  5. This is SO beautifully edited, you should definitely have more views and you will! The underwater scenes are so beautiful and that music <3 I just want to fall asleep watching this! You've always come across with such a sweet, kind spirit. I have been subbed to your other channel for years but haven't stopped by in a while and you've not changed. So glad I can watch your vlogs now too, keep it up LeighAnn! Jade x

  6. Yay! I just got back from Costa Rica! So fun! Loved watching your videos! What area did you stay in? The beach where you went out scuba diving kind of looked like Tamarindo I think lol

  7. you may have been stung by some coral! I pushed off a rock once (which I guess had a stinging type of coral) with my wrist when I was diving in Costa Rica and i had a super burning/itchy rash on my wrist after for about a week.

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