SUBLIME WITH ROME – "Santeria" (Live at JITV HQ in Los Angeles, CA) #JAMINTHEVAN

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43 thoughts on “SUBLIME WITH ROME – "Santeria" (Live at JITV HQ in Los Angeles, CA) #JAMINTHEVAN”

  1. if sublime w/ Rome played their own songs it’d be different……. but they close with “sublime” songs…. very disappointing…. only Eric is left. I hate to even acknowledge that Rome sounds pretty damn good. Rome, make your own style, and quit mimicking Bradley’s movement’s. I watched them all on VHS tapes.

  2. loved SUBLIME ever since I heard them back in the 90s. and while brad can never be replaced because there is only one brad, big respect to rome for keeping the band going. great rendition with his own flair, but keeping it as true to SUBLIME as possible

  3. You guys are right he’s talented but there’s something missing in him that I’m not just feeling it and that something is making the band itself sound with no spirit if you see the other musicians are like blah playing they’re instruments the energy that he gives in the song it’s just not right

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