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33 thoughts on “SUNDAY FUNDAY”

  1. Saw you on Reddit and you did not disappoint! I wish the whole planet would get as excited about something.. anything!! Your attitude is infectious and I cannot help but have a great day after watching you jam the fuck out. Thanks, dude! ♥️

  2. You’re the guy who got the first iPhone essentially for free because that blonde lady was stupid enough to think she could buy out the store and gave you $800 to take your first spot in line!
    Was all of that staged?

  3. How do you not love this guy and the fun improvisational genius he brings us? You're an inspiration to a lot of us songwriters out here Marc and you're breaking creative ground and bringing it to the mainstream…..Long Live The LoopDaddy!

  4. I was a quintriplegic but when I listened to this my dick got hard for the first time ever and then amazingly I just got up and started rocking it out. I then proceeded to shag my nurse. I'm fuckin cured man. Thank you

  5. Marc putain de merde, ce stream DÉFONCE mon gars, j'te suis depuis un bail et tu es rendu tellement bon dude. Kudos sérieux. J'pense que la prochaine fois qu't'es dans l'boutte de NYC, j'vais venir te voir.

  6. I keep busting through my data plan listening to your dope ass songs everywhere.

    Please put more on Spotify!

    Ou peut-etre quelqu'un peux t'aider a les poster!

    (If you are saving your best tracks for a CD album I get it, but let me buy it now)

  7. Mate, thats so great… I love uit !! I am trying to do psytrance music and i know its not the best psytrance lol… But i put a lot of love in it to get better and learning how to do it correctly … So i would really like to i invite you all to check out my music too and i hope you like it… Maybe you could help and tell me what i could do better? I would really appreciate it!

  8. The "All I Want Is Everything" may be my new favorite song ever. Even if it's improv. From a musician, that would take an INSANE amount of skill, even if it was fully produced in a studio. He improv'd it.

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