Super Compact and Cool E-Pro Travel Trailer!

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20 thoughts on “Super Compact and Cool E-Pro Travel Trailer!”

  1. I enjoy your reviews and the detail you include. Have
    you ever done a review of a hybrid style trailer? Something like a Rockwood Roo? I did not find one. Or what are your opinions on that type
    of trailer?

  2. To me these trailers always look like a tin can!! They're really only made for good weather no wind!! if the wind comes up you better get out of Dodge because that they'd either going to flip over or it's going to get ripped apart!! Just don't go anywhere where there's going to be bad weather!!

  3. Watch your video's all the time would like to comment on this.
    BTBRV, I wish on trailer reviews you would also mention actual cargo capacity. You usually do. This isn't 760 lbs+ a few penny's but only 516lbs factory. But, correct me if I'm wrong, my calculation its even less than 450lbs when you subtract the 26gals. Water and 2 – 20lbs..full propane tanks at 71lbs. Not including any bikes.
    ……this is what I've noticed on majority of new campers last few years, smaller tanks and no cargo capacity like camper trailers use to have. The lighter they build them the less axle capacity they install.
    …its all about deceiving on the surface to make numbers look good for the not so serious camping purchasers.

  4. Please excuse my ignorance on this subject, as I'm just getting into the trailer market, but am I missing something? A 3,890 GTWR over a 3,500 # axle? And do they let you see these trailers before they are ready for the customer? If I were a dealer, that trailer wouldn't have made it out to be seen by the public with the propane tank in that condition, and at least the table in the brackets.

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