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  1. Whats up IFAM/Chaifam! Hows it going guys? Who guessed right?! More importantly.. Who is excited for the NEXT LEVEL HOLIDAY VLOGS?! Thank you so much for stopping in and watching this video! Make sure you give it a big thumbs up if you are excited for these vlogs! Dont forget to click SUBSCRIBE if you haven't already and join the family! #TEAMIFAMFOREVER

  2. awwww jace is being good boy bless the girls lol ermm oh nice choice of holidaying place wow nice appointment lol bless esme her voice goes high lol lovely place like the pool food looks good love how Isabelle holds her sisters hands so cute lol love the music on your vlogs awww night guys xxx

  3. hiya guys bit behind been doing things lol last Thursday went see take thst st milton Keynes incredible, Friday went cinema at milton Keynes and Saturday went to wrest house which is like Chatsworth it's amazing so had great weekend lol, your going to Palma? lol totally wrong I'm sure aww bless jace first flight never been on a plain in my life and I'm 38 lol this coming weekend going to thst stately home again wrest park and may be Brighton for day,

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