Surprising Our Kids with a Trip to Disney World | Their Reactions | Travel Vlog

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36 thoughts on “Surprising Our Kids with a Trip to Disney World | Their Reactions | Travel Vlog”

  1. It's so sweet they said "thank you" without being told they needed to. I think Jackson knew but he didn't wanna say it just in case he was wrong lol. Like if you say it out loud it wont come true.

  2. Oh my goodness, I loved this!!! The kids reaction, hahaha, was just too cute! Thanks for taking us along 😊. I worked at that hotel in high school. It was Dixie Landing and Magnolia Bend at the time. I absolutely loved it.

  3. Thanks for this video – was lovely to see their faces gradually change as they realised where they were. Was also nice to hear them both say thankyou which I think many parents don't ever hear from their children. Jackson & Alice are nice kids & a credit to you & Will.

  4. Ive been waiting for this post.. πŸ’œ That little Lion king cake 😍You made me miss home.. So much fun to watch you guys enjoy Disney Springs, Thanks for posting. πŸ’œ

  5. This video gives me such joy for all of you ! Jackson seen the sign and it started to register. He knew but he didn’t at that point. The look on his face as it changes while he is thinking says it all. The kids are always so precious and I love their manners. Excellent job mom and dad ❣️

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