SWISS First Class from Zurich to New Delhi (Airbus A330): Swiss perfection!

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30 thoughts on “SWISS First Class from Zurich to New Delhi (Airbus A330): Swiss perfection!”

  1. Hope your nuts were warm !! I agree the Swiss livery reflects the Red Cross !! Great take off vision !! Spectacular views of the Alps !! I would just fly with them for the food in 1st Class…superb and I love a cheese platter…individually cut in slices…now that is class !! 1st Class … Like you I love a flight map on board !! Stunning views over Turkey etc ! Great flight and like a Swiss watch..precision as always !

  2. Amsterdam is very nice, also bright and modern. I like Zurich but it’s SO expensive to eat there. It’s a downside.
    I like LHR T5 too. And Hamburg, Atlanta, Bangkok BKK as well

  3. Oh without doubt Manchester Airport is my most favourite airport experience. Horrendously dated , crumbling structure which wouldn't look out of place in the 'Third World'. Extremely loud and rude security staff who menacingly glare at anyone who dares to step out of their rules regarding liquids and toiletries. Ridiculously expensive airport car-parking and now also extortionate 'drop off ' charges too. Cramped, expensive and poor quality food outlets. The bars are daylight robbery and despite the outrageous prices always ask you to tip if you're paying by credit/debit card. Generally surly and in some cases downright rude airport workers who will mock and embarrass anyone who fails to get through the E-Passport exit in less than 30 seconds. Seriously, I felt so bad for one guy who couldn't get the E-Passport exit to accept his Passport. The obese woman ridiculed the poor bloke in front of dozens of fellow travellers. And to wrap it off, for whatever reason I always seam to pick a day on returning to Manchester where the skies are as grey and dull as the building itself. As you can see Manchester Airport is right up there in top airport experiences.

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