Taiwan's Noodle Mountain — Travel, Eat, Repeat

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29 thoughts on “Taiwan's Noodle Mountain — Travel, Eat, Repeat”

  1. This is if! The final episode of this season of Travel, Eat, Repeat ✨ I’ve loved making and sharing these with each of you—here’s the ultimate question! Where to next?!

  2. Nice series but why send a caucasian person for this series? Are there no Taiwanese or Chinese people with eater who can do this? Every country and culture has a depth that an outsider will never be able to get. As a 2nd culture adult, I love how Matthew can put into words in his KTown episodes things, that I understood but could not express. Taiwan as has been hinted in this series is a wonderful, deep and vibrant place, why not let someone who has deeper understanding of these cultures tell their stories?

  3. the beautiful crafting of this video does justice to beauty of the food, people and country. sometimes the prettiest videos lack story, or are too west-centric, etc etc. but this is good and i'm glad you let the noodle-makers do most of the talking. and i'm like obsessed with the subtitle animations. well done well done

  4. Taiwan is a small island with huge offerings. Please go visit. It has warmth, culture, nature, and delicious cheap food!

    Please drop the useless political fights and just enjoy the important things in life.

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