Tangaroa Terrace Review | Disneyland Hotel

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30 thoughts on “Tangaroa Terrace Review | Disneyland Hotel”

  1. Pete, speaking as a heterosexual, conservative in North Carolina, you really look great. I think the keto is working and glad to see it. Also, dont change anything about yourself. You are the most entertaining person on YouTube hands down. Nothing more fun than watchching you trying to herd the kittens that are the rest of the crew (especially Craig) 😆

    I'm a carnivore but my brother is a vegetarian so I love that Ryno is trying all the vegan/vegeterrian stuff so he can see what its like before our next trip.

    The whole crew is great, but they Need ya Pete! The latest disney world discussion was a mess man.

    Much love for the Dis crew from good ole Jacksonville NC

  2. I want Craig's t-shirt. The ribs Cory had looked delish. Aside from your company & seeing all of you travel together, the music was my favorite part of the restaurant experience.

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