Tank almost crashed while on vacation!

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16 thoughts on “Tank almost crashed while on vacation!”

  1. Ur right, u should expect more, 300 dollars for a power bar.wow. But it did save ur system so it’s a coin toss. Thx god ur friend was bulletproof. Lol. Thx for sharing cuz I’m about to go the same route my self. So hope I don’t experience that. Cause I would be devastated.

  2. Uhaauu what a nightmare, I read several terror histories about apex, and the company allaways does Not become responsible, thanks to your fried that you didnt lose more animals.

  3. A lot to unpack here! First you lucky duck those dives were epic! Wow there were some purple colonies towards the end that were stunning,2nd you have to take Wally to a Steak Dinner🤣 it's a Miricle your tank is not pile dead coral and fish! Thank God your buddy and your planning worked. Now am as for you asking to much Hell No for what that system probably cost you and the time you spent installing all that? The least they should do is make it better! You can whip it back into shape and if I know from following you I'm pretty sure your going to have fun fixing it.💜💜✌😁🌿

  4. You are not expecting too much re: the power bar. I spent about $300 for a PS Audio power strip that is designed not only to prevent power surges but to clean the current for high end audio. It's now about 12 years old. If the issue had been the head unit, I would have been thinking of power surges causing trouble. But a power bar should have built-in protection. I'm going definitely with GHL Profilux 4 as my controller.

  5. Glad you and your buddy caught it in time. I lost my outlet that controlled my heater on my EB832 and it was only 2 years old. I agree we rely on the Energy bar and it should be built with only the best components.

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