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32 thoughts on “Teen Arrested for 'Joking' About School Shooting in Video Game Chat | NowThis”

  1. I don't know why the mom is flippin' out b4 she even has the facts. NOBODY wants to believe it's 'their son.'
    Obviously, something's going on in that house; dude's all dolled up in those deranged orange kneesocks.

  2. Big shout out to the officers for being outstandingly professional in this situation. Apparently mom doesn’t realize the law. Now her son is paying for it.
    See what happens when go off on that type if thinking, “Not my child”.

  3. Good. I wish they did that in Nevada. My sister goes to a school where kids make up shooting rumors almost monthly. It's really hard because the school treats and investigates them as rumors and no kids are disciplined or taught why it's bad. When there are so many fake shooting threats, the school security's isn't going to be as alert and responsive when a real threat is present. The school is getting in the habit of getting annoyed at parents for worrying and picking up their kids, but how can the parents trust that the school could tell the difference between a rumor and a threat. You have to treat rumors as real threats. I wish we had some sort of disciplinary system here so that kids can learn the consequences for their "silly comments" and become rightfully afraid to make those comments again.

  4. kids i know you guys joke about this stuff all the time but look at this kid be careful what you joke about if ur 11 12 13 14 15 etc you gotta be careful what you do today will reflect upon your future if you want to do somthing when you r older like get a job then you should joke around about somthing else besides killing people becouse tht their will make it harder for u becouse alot of jobs we have today will not hire you if you have commited a felony like this in the passed remember kids watch what u say or do becouse the fbi the police the cia every law inforcement agency r watching and they judge by what u say wich dictates if u get arrested or not

  5. Well not sure if it’s just me but threatening to shoot up a school seems like a light cute toxicity compared to the notorious toxic csgo community or rainbow siege 6 🤷‍♂️ unfortunate for the kid but tbh it’s also the parents responsibility to correct his usage of word. Never thought I would be thanking my Asian mom for slapping me with a sandals whenever I swear 🤔

  6. Whoever gives up thier freedoms for protection and security will end up with neither. Benjamin Franklin. The fact that people are so willing to give up their freedom and give the government more and more power is sad. There goes our Constitutional Republic.

  7. The only thing separating that kid and UPS driver are those socks. Kid's a proper nerd.

    And people in the comments should stop blaming the mother. Cases like these parents are barely aware of the antipathy hibernating in their kids head, to her he's an innocent kid. Her arguments are futile but so would of any parent in her shoes. You can't expect her to be rational when her son is being booked for terror threats. I bet people blaming the mother would be the first one on their knees begging if the shoe was on the other foot.

    These kinda desperate measures needs to be taken to ensure communal safety. Couldn't applaud the officer more, dude has property authority over his thoughts, excellent responses.

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