Teenage Delinquents Go Wild in Chicago | BSMTV NEWS

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16 thoughts on “Teenage Delinquents Go Wild in Chicago | BSMTV NEWS”

  1. THAT'S THE PROBLEM: police and every other kind of 'official' whose JOB it is to deal swiftly and effectively with problems like this–which affect the entire population in one way or another–do NOT deal with it. How can they not know that this is not a 'one-off' in any way, it has been happening for a good while, increasing exponentially, in many cities in the country. It is a TREND, and a hellishly destructive and dangerous one, and they are allowing it to gain momentum by their refusal to act responsibly on behalf of peaceful, law-abiding citizens. The rule of law is breaking down, this is part of it.

  2. First of all there weren’t up to 500 kids there, secondly this is a very common media tactic they’ll tell you there’s a riot but purposely omit the REASON WHY and how it came about. First of all nothing was burned down and no stores were looted, I’m not sure what they constitute for a riot nowadays but it seems like mass black congregation is scary enough and when you throw in Tom foolery into the mix you have a redneck propaganda poster.

  3. The beast are out of hibernation. Should have a Black kid season like deer season. Hell they wouldn't mind, that's their favorite sport; hunting and killing each other!

  4. Chicago has to many Churches that are draining the African American community .The ministers just go to the City To ask for more city funds to help the community but it is mostly to help the ministers and their family become the richest people in the poverty stricken area.

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