Teppanyaki Show at Benihana – Toronto, Ontario [Travelling Foodie]

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49 thoughts on “Teppanyaki Show at Benihana – Toronto, Ontario [Travelling Foodie]”

  1. Even tho he fucked up the onion volcano. He still held his own and kept the show going. If it wasnt for his improvisation skills he wouldn't of made it. Great chef. Just need MORE experience.

  2. You could have brought the camera even closer, maybe put it right on his nostrils while he chops the food. You could also bring the camera extremely close to your nose while you eat, but you chose not to film while you eat – you shy guy you.

  3. This guy has no timing what so ever or plate presentation, when your proteins are burning and your veggies are raw, you have problems…Medium , no problem, let me just cut this into dog food and jam everything onto a plate……CMON MAN

  4. Love the video. Thanks for sharing. I've noticed a few things but I'm no judge and we all are nervous at one point or the other. But there are 4 things I do not like about this video: 1. I do not have a grill top like that (wish I did). 2. I do not know how to make really good Japanese foods. 3. Made me jealous cause I'm not on the receiving end of the food. 4. It's 2:39am and you made me so darn hungry I can cry.
    😥😥😁😁❤❤ the food looks soooooo delicious. I can eat it out from my screen right now

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