TERRIBLE Landing in a Private Jet! – Pilot VLOG 138

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47 thoughts on “TERRIBLE Landing in a Private Jet! – Pilot VLOG 138”

  1. I've been a pilot for a long time, and what I'm impressed with is on final, even miles out, you are always on dead center of the runway centerline. Your videos are the only flying videos that I've seen that does that. No matter if they are a taildragger, a Cessna or an airliner they are never dead on with the runway centerline like you are. I learned to do that before I soled. It's such an automatic muscle-memory thing that I don't understand why so many other pilots don't do that also. To me, it's like taxing on the runway, I would never veer off of centerline.

  2. Any landing that you can come out walking is a good landing cream of the cake if a soft landing that aside if the plane can be used for another flight it’s just part of the job don’t be to hard on you’re self
    Safe flight Saludos

  3. Nice flight, enjoy flying coastlines. No auto throttles on that Hawker I see. Looked liked a good landing. That sandwich looked really good. Thanks again Shaun for the time and effort you put into these great videos. Great cooperation in the cockpit. 👍👍👍👍

  4. On landings, sometimes even the BEST have an off moment! Love the after cockpit videos! The sammie looked great! Keep them coming and Thanks for taking us along and taking the time to take us along!!!!

  5. Shaun, next time your at Republic the supermarket at the north east side of the airport has the most Amazing Thick cut, grass fed Porterhouse Steaks.
    $7.00 lb when on sale, which is often, take some home .

  6. Interesting short flight, and on the landing..they can't all be greasers, but the plane's still usable 😉 Good to see you get a video up though, and a lot of time in the Hawkers lately, hopefully we get a Gulfstream soon. Love me some Cheesesteaks too! And been to long since I had one in Philly, but hope to correct that soon, and appreciate the heads up on the place you went to.

  7. So your saying it is hard to make a good landing when your mind is on a Philly steak sub and fries? you should have had your snack on this flight , that would have helped……lol Did look pretty yummy tho.

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