TERRlFlNG Night at the Most Haunted HOTEL "Clewiston Inn" Part 1

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22 thoughts on “TERRlFlNG Night at the Most Haunted HOTEL "Clewiston Inn" Part 1”

  1. James, @ 27:51 sounds like that door you push the handle, the room that you thought was a balcony. The one you thought you left open. At 33.05 when you asked someone died there, I heard a ,faint woman's voice sounded like yes!!Great video, so scary! MUCH 💞 TO YOU!!

  2. James. When you walk into the room @5:12 the closet door is closed then @7:46 when you go to answer the phone the closet door is open towards then @8:05 you hear bang on the wall and Chelsea closes the closet door, @5:415:45 when you slow it down you can hear a high pitch sound like something is trying to communicate with you, @7:04 it was either a whimper or a giggle, @17:45 there is a squeak noise? @23:4523:46 a shadow on the right side of the carpet, @26:2226:25 an orb appears and it looks like you are filming through it and then disappears then your camera refocuses, @27:2727:55 there are dishes clanking, then a creak like a door slowly closing, then foot steps, then what sounds like another door, @28:06 you see the door open to that room off to the side which you had closed when you left it earlier, as you are hearing the creaking sounds again @30:09 30:50 you can hear a high pitched whistle sounds like something is trying to communicate, @30:49 there is an orb to your right, @31:0631:17 in the right corner the orb is coming back, @31:there are multiple orbs as you are getting the recorder ready, @34:09 you can hear that high pitch whistle again then @34:18 there is a chair on the floor, @34:4534:51 you can still hear the whistles like something is trying to talk, @38:13 it looks like a styrofome cup is knocked…..great video looking forward to the next adventure 🙂 🙂 🙂

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