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  1. Yup. We don’t care about caging our guns! Cause we all know how to shoot! Plus anyone with a brain that walks in a gun shop knows the person running it has a gun themselves. It’s a law, to own a gun shop you have to have a valid license. That and in Texas you must be wanting a painful death if you try and steal a gun from us. ☺️

  2. Why are there so many abandoned places,like that place and mansions and houses buildings in America and many homeless, why they don’t let the homeless live there.hehehe….

  3. That's actually not the house from the 1974 movie.  The original 1974  house was located in Round Rock TX, and was moved to Kingsland.  It's been renovated and now operates as a small restaurant.  This house is from the remake.

  4. Did you guys even buy anything at the gun shop? You should've bought something to say thanks for them letting you film in there as well as supporting the small local businesses since you said all the small shops are closing up because big businesses are moving in and taking away their business.

  5. you guys know the movie was based off of Ed Gein, of Plainfield, Wisconsin… nothing to do with Texas XD they based TCM, Psycho, Buffalo Bill from SOTL off of that guy.

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