Thai Buddhist monks in private jet are big pimpin

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47 thoughts on “Thai Buddhist monks in private jet are big pimpin”

  1. You are so special, lovely and dear to me as I was one of you. I would like to share with you very important life changing experiences, because I love you so much, and I desire you to benefit from it. It was an account of unexpected gloomy doom of horror and torture. Skeptically, they mocked, snubbed and rejected whenever they were warned until they met their waterloo.  As it is appointed, each of them was disappointed and silenced by death at different times, and was cast into a roaring sea of liquid fire. There they burned and melted, choked and gasped simultaneously. They thought it was a dream, but sooner, they realised they were dead. They screamed and groaned as the  pain intensified and excruciated unimaginably. Like meat being roasted in fire or meat being fried in boiling oil, so they were. Added to the pain and suffering, was the gruesome infliction meted to them by some horrible monster creatures. These entities poked them furiously and ferociously with sharp spears. The hell demons mocked, blamed and accused them of all their wrongs (of having lied, deceived, stolen, hated, boasted, cheated, envied, fornicated, murdered, slandered, and mocked others) while they were alive on earth. They were reminded that they failed to stop sinning and failed to seek for forgiveness and salvation from Jesus Christ, the only Son of God, who loved  all people, and who paid for the wrongs of everyone with His own blood on the cross, in order to save everyone, and to give the kingdom of heaven to anyone who seeks it. Some of them knew that it is written in the Holy Bible : 'For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believes in him should not perish, but have everlasting life'. John 3:16. Likewise, some also knew that the blood of Jesus can wash away all sins if they repent and seek for forgiveness from Jesus Christ. 1 John 1:6-8. However, they ignored  this TRUTH, and they continued to sin, but in the end, sadly, death claimed them, and they were plunged into the gloomy doom of hellfire. Testimonies of death to life from peniel ngonde tv, and by: Howard Storm, Mary K. Baxter, Daniel Ekechukwu, Angelica Zambrano, the young Korean girl taken to hell.

  2. By the way ._. For those who follow Buddhism and want to become a Buddhist Monk, and you commite a deed called "Creating a schism within the Sangha, the community of Buddhist monks and nuns." like that, you would be reborn into the Avici Hell. o3o I watches a video on it.

  3. Hahaha.. soooo many ignorant misconceptions about the Monks.. If a billionaire offer you a ride in his 10 million dollar private plane, ofc you say now because it "bad" to fly luxury, right? 

    Fact are: The Monk did NOT pay them self, someone offer them the ride to earn "merit" (earn good karma for the next life) .. 

  4. พระไทยไม่ได้เหี้ยทุกรูปหรอกนะคะ (ที่คนเค้าด่าไต้หวันเพราะชาวต่างชาติมักสับสนกับว่า ไทยแลนด์กับไต้หวัน)

  5. It's not the whole picture.Most Thai buddhist monks act properly and intend to keep the buddhist rules. By the way that referring monk(in this video) had had wide criticism and been judged by Thai law already.

  6. For the purest of Buddhist monks, one should visit Laos where Lao Buddhist monks still honor Buddhism unlike its Thai neighbors. The Lao city of Luang Prabang beautifully highlights Lao Buddhism.

  7. I'm Very disappointed of Taiwanese People.All are lied,on Advertisement signs in Taiwan show " Taiwanese people are friendly,calm,chill " I know Nazi Grammar Or stupid english but i don't care 😀

  8. ไอ้บ้า ไต้หวัน ผมขอให้ไต้หวันตกต่ำคนตายเป็นล้านทุกวัน เศรฐกิจไม่ดี เเละขอให้ผู้ปกครองประเทศไต้หวันตาย ในอีก 2เดือนข้างหน้า สาธุ

  9. It's not about the tradition of Buddhism. It's about corruption of people who claim to represent it; people who use things given to them for their practice instead for corrupt behavior. Everybody needs to be accountable. No accountability means corruption goes rampant.

    No problem with Buddhism, only corruption. Same applies to Christians, Muslims, Jews, etc.

  10. its about power and how it corrupts even the most devoted religious peoples no matter what they practice so get off your religious high horse and gain some perspective on the realities of the world and human race as a whole

  11. Maybe you need to go and learn English again, its not about religion, it actually explains, how the Thai buddhism punishes bad monks, and shows how corrupt the religion has become in thailand just like all religions around the world, as it showed a buddhist, a muslim and a catholic in a bar together.

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