Thailand Budget Hotel w/Gym Bangkok 🇹🇭

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44 thoughts on “Thailand Budget Hotel w/Gym Bangkok 🇹🇭”

  1. Sorry to say but bkks best restaurants are authentic street food restaurants/stalls.. i lived there and “normal” restaurants dont compare. I have to admit u need to know the good stalls, coz theres lots of touristy ripp offs.

  2. 3500 ? 104.42 Euros. A night ? Not a budget hotel really Harald buddy. You need to go to some really cheap places for us lol. We can associate a bit more then. We can identify with you if you are poor like us haha 😉

  3. i was coming off the nana bts and i saw Harald walking by. i was in shock. i was starstruck. lol… im from LA and i spend time with Leo, gwen, and other stars.. but they don't have Vlogs that i can watch while im relaxing in , i should have said hi but didn't cause that's what you do in LA. ignore the stars and they dont get annoyed.. anyway. keep the videos coming!

  4. I have a question, in Thailand how do you rent your rooms? You use any website to book it or you just walk around until you find a place to stay? (Asking because I want to visit Thailand next year and want to know the best options :D)

  5. I know of someone who used to work at Adephi suites were you are. Harald, Were you pointing to soi 11or 13 ? I’ve stayed in soi 11, unfortunately the Cheap Charlie’s bar in soi 11 closed two years ago.. In regards to the Taxi’s , after my first two trips, I refuse to take the taxi & pay a fixed rate to or from the airport. I take the green train line from Nana to Phaya Thai, then change over for the Airport line. All for about 120Baht.

  6. Harald I don't know if you have been to South America but would love to see you in Colombia, it's a wonderful country and culture, can be quite crazy with street food everywhere, I'm sure you would love it, especially Medellin or Cartagena, love your vlogs

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