The Arcimoto FUV Electric Vehicle Is Here. Will It Revolutionize City Travel?

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25 thoughts on “The Arcimoto FUV Electric Vehicle Is Here. Will It Revolutionize City Travel?”

  1. When you try throw shade at Tesla and the answer us "it is a beautiful machine and it smoked all the opposition". Damn another Tesla fan boy😭😭😭😭😭 why not just leave Tesla alone and keep on track with your mission of cleaner greener energy?

  2. I have a hard time just getting my landlord to give me enough space in the garage for a single-track motorcycle – otherwise, I'd seriously look into this for myself. I could see this being a practical tool for schlepping around town and the Greater Bay Area.

  3. Two front wheels! Tall! Aerodynamics not great = what were they thinking? The worst is the reversed delta layout. Having two front wheels, the CG will be too close to the rear wheel, making it prone to oversteer. What they have done right is not putting two doors on it like the Twizzy, well because it is not completely enclosed, but Renault is even more stupid than this design.

  4. The "huge army of Tesla fans" that you mentioned do NOT "view any other mobility solutions as a failure". That is a false narrative and unsubstantiated. Your posting and twitter universe does NOT represent the vast majority of Tesla fans. Please be a little more careful about making broad statements which are not really true and paint a false picture. Thanks.

  5. If Arcimoto wants to survive they need to iterate fast. Level 2 charging compatibility which means thermal management (use the frame as a heat sink?). Insisting that it's only for short trips limits your market. If I'm going to be delivering pizza in one of these from 4 to midnight every day fast charge is a must as full discharge is bad for longevity. Heated seats. Doors with windows that open. A way to hold your shopping in the back seat without going for the cargo version. If you could safely strap a surfboard to one of these that's a sizeable market as well.

  6. Great commuter car. The only real issue would be parking in Manhattan, which is always a challenge. It is, however, nice to see something like this finally come to production, unlike the Elio which has yet to materialize.. Perhaps Arcimoto's success will add impetus to Elio's efforts as this is an extremely competitive category after all.

  7. Very well done interview Nikki! I have followed Archimoto's progress for a couple of years now. Overall take is that the base FUVs will carve out a niche in rental fleets in fair weather resort/ destination areas…Tahoe,Yosemite,San Fran,Mission Viejo, etc. What a blast bopping around for a day, with the world open around you! Book my rental, I'm in. BTW, I own a Tesla, and WANT all EV brands to succeed, not fail!!!

  8. I like the concept but know that it’s not for me. I agree that wanting a big 7 seater suv or full size pickup as a commuter car is ridiculous. I prefer smaller vehicles myself and favor things like Toyota’s Corolla, Yaris or CH-R. But I really do hope this company succeeds and helps to increase popularity of electric in the “fun” market.

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