The Best Travel Watercolor Sets – REVIEW

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18 thoughts on “The Best Travel Watercolor Sets – REVIEW”

  1. Hello, what size are each of the little spaces for the paint? I was hoping to glue a magnet down and insert 1/2 inch by 1/2 inch tins so i can organize them differently everytime i draw if i wanted, thank you!

  2. IM SO FRUSTRATED with myself. When I bought a watercolour travel set i didnt do research at all and just bought a jasart travel set for $50. I love the colours and the brush it came with and it even came with a small ceremaic tray and sponge. However the koi sets seem so much better. In the set I got, the spenge was an organic shape and didnt have anywhere to sit and now its kind of withered away? I wish I hadlooked into these more and instead bought a koi one for the half price… Oh well too late now 🙁

  3. For beginners: the sets shown are also highly recommended for beginners. Particularly, the Winsor and Newton Cotman sketchers field pocket box and the Sakura koi 24 color palette (even though it isn’t shown, it is very similar to ones shown.). I also recommend them myself.

    For everyone: IF YOU WANT TO BUY THESE PALETTES BUY THEM ON AMAZON. It’s really cheap compared to buying them on michaels or from the actual maker. The w&n is 13 bucks USD on amazon for those budgeting and the koi is around 20 dollars USD.

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