The BEST & WORST Walt Disney World Hotels for 2020!

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36 thoughts on “The BEST & WORST Walt Disney World Hotels for 2020!”

  1. Corrections on the cheaper than renting two rooms if you stay at AOA. Renting two rooms in Pop Century will still be cheaper than AOA family suite. At least for us it was it's $100 a day cheaper. We going in june

  2. Corrections:
    all moderates have hot tubs
    All star movies renovations were completed in Sept.
    Saratoga springs resort renovated rooms were into service back in September, if you request Congress park – you have a good chance at getting one.

  3. Others have corrected the hot tub mistake so I’ll just add that the Polynesian has just started a room refurb project on the non DVC side. Disboards regulars have reported work being done in Rarotonga longhouse. As well, with the recent updates to security at Epcot meaning monorail guests no longer have to hit security twice, imo the Poly remains the best MK area resort for transportation.

  4. I absolutely disagree with Wilderness Lodge being “remote”. You only need a bus for Animal Kingdom, Hollywood Studios, and Disney Springs. The Deluxe buses are never crowded like they are at moderates, so you get on the bus and go. We’ve had waits before at moderates where we’ve waited for 2 or 3 buses before it came empty enough for us to get on. The boat goes directly to Magic Kingdom where you can get a monorail to get over to Epcot. Still faster than the bus. We LOVED it when we stayed there because the transportation was fast and usually pretty empty.

  5. We just got back from a Disney vacation and stayed at the Art of Animation. We LOVED it! The Skyliner was so awesome and we wished that we could take it to all of the parks. The only downside of AofA was the cafeteria which was pretty terrible, but luckily we only really had to eat there once. Also, we took a lot of DFB recommendations that really helped us throughout our trip, so thanks!

  6. Honestly I never minded the traveling from Coronado. It is a beautiful hotel and it was much less crowded than other Disney hotels we have visited and the trend usually goes the less crowded the more perks we got and the friendlier the CMs were (also the buses are emptier so more seating).

    If anyone wants to try Boardwalk I would recommended renting DVC points. The DVC rooms are newer and although they keep the old-boardwalk style, these are nowhere near as awful as the regular guest rooms (pictured in the video) – to pile on that tip BLT rooms are also newer than the Contemporary’s rooms.

    I think if you are coming for a short stay where every minute counts then yeah the recommendations in the video will likely be very valuable to you, but if you are coming for a once in a lifetime long-vacation, (let’s say a week or more) where time doesn’t matter as much and where you’ll likely want to put in more resort time or simply if the comforts of your own resort are most important to you then this list is less valuable. AKL is probably the number 1 food resort on site, they have tons of activities to keep children occupied, there’s the animal views and the best in-room Jet tubs if you opt for a 1 bd and above. Same for the Wilderness Lodge Complex, if you stay at Copper Creek you can have a beautiful 1 bedroom that can beat most rooms in the skyliner resorts (save Riviera) and there’s a lot to do and see at the Wilderness Lodge. Also I love the skyliner but it is subjected to weather limitations that other forms of transportation are simply not. For instance, if a thunderstorm or sometimes a heavy water storm goes through they tend to stop the skyliner so you still need to plan accordingly to make it places sans skyliner and if this is the only reason you chose your hotel and are otherwise not super happy with the room and the amenities you are going to be very disappointed.

  7. AJ, I love your videos and they've helped me out so much when I went on my last Disney World trip in June, but I hate the new music that your using 😉 Their not as upbeat as the old ones.

  8. Very interesting video. Personally, I don't mind the travel when staying at AKL and the hotel/views more than compensate. The addition of the skyliner is huge, but I still wouldn't swap my AKL reservations to stay in one of those hotels. That being said, not sure any of the hotels in the happiest place in earth deserve to be in a "worst" category.

  9. I'm staying at All Stars Movie its cheap, convenient, and get all the magical perks. My wife and I will be at the parks all day anyways so doesn't matter as much to us to have the amenities

  10. I just want to thank you for all your tips and advices. Me and my boyfriend are taking my grandson to WDW for 7 days in January, and because of your blog, we are feeling confident about our planning. Your resort and dinning tips has been so helpful in the planning of our vacation, and we can’t wait to try some of those restaurants thanks to your videos. Thanks A.J.

  11. i has a fun time at animal kingdom lodge it was just so annoying because how far away everything was even in the resort it took us 5 minutes to get to our room and get thing from the pool and the lounge it was just very spreed our there

  12. Dont be scared of buss rides when choicing hotel if y are not gonna ran back and forth all day.

    I stayed at All Star Music and it was a ten to fifteen minutes ride to go to basicly all the parks and its shorter than its take me to commute to my city centre.

    Whata more important is getting rooms closer to the lobby. Youre legs are gonna thank you for that when you can skip the half a mile zombie walk back to youre room.

    Also: Disney boot rides are great! Relaxing and fun way to get to a park or the Boardwalk. J.

  13. One thing to keep in mind for Swan & Dolphin is they charge a resort fee of at least $30/night. That plus cost for Magic Bands and lack of ability to do room charges & pay off balance with discount gift cards, it just hasn’t made sense for our fam.

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