The confusing part of Avengers Endgame EXPLAINED in detail (SPOILERS)

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  1. I’m one massive idiot. I honestly thought everyone knew the thing mentioned in the title of the first version of this video. Needless to say as soon as I realized this wasn’t the case I took down the video as fast as possible and did this re-cut so nothing is mentioned without proper warning. There’s no excuse, I was an idiot and I apologies.

    SPOILERS below

    In case anyone is wondering this video was first titled, Avengers Endgame, Time Travel Explained, and several people hadn't seen the many videos I had that go into the time travel uniforms and scene from the Endgame trailer. I simply took it for granted that it was widely know. My mistake, I was looking at things from within my own bubble.

  2. I think you're interpretation is quite good except for the part about Steve marrying Peggy. A simpler coherent interpretation of Old Rogers showing in our main MCU timeline could be explained by him going back to our main timeline after he's lived his life, maybe after Peggy died. In this way our MCU timeline is still the prime one, not a derivative from an unchanged MCU reality. This interpretation however requires explaining how Steve Rogers would have dealt with his other self that would have been in the ice and thawed later on. In other words, in the reality Rogers marries Peggy, there would have been two Rogers. On top of that all the knowledge he has of future events, such as Stark being kidnapped in the cave etc. What would stop him from changing a bunch of these events? Either way I think this interpretation is much simpler and still coherently follows the rules of this type of time travel.

    EDIT: changed tense

  3. It's a comic book movie. That saying, I don't think they should be utterly stupid, but if some things don't make sense, I don't mind. If it is funny, dramatic, sad and inspiring, I'll ignore all the mind boggling questions that would keep me up at night.
    I need my sleep man 😀

  4. I'm just glad we didn't get a Brie Larson heavy SJW feminist Avengers 4. Also, she is right, at least about the time stone…..w/o the time stone Dormamu wins against strange and the entire universe goes dark dimension.

  5. my understanding is that each of the time suits had their own pim particle vial and time GPS device, effectively making each suit a contained time machine. this doesn't explain why the suits require the time van or the time platform to go subatomic. maybe they only require them to initiate the wormhole opening but not to close it.

  6. I’m still confused as to how old steve wound up in the main MCU timeline if our steve went back into another reality to become old steve. If going back in time creates a parallel universe, how is old steve in this universe

  7. Ancient One states that removing a stone will create a parallel universe, not going back in time itself. Banner says putting it back will erase this…

  8. I watched this because I won't be seeing Endgame until it comes to Netflix. I want to at least know what happens so that the overall story has closure for me, but beyond that, I have no real interest. I can afford to see it…I'm just not going to spend money on something so mediocre. I won't be seeing any MCU movies afterward, either, not even on Netflix.

    The MCU started strong, had a few hiccups, but mostly got better with time. But while a few films in the latest phase were pretty good, most were just mediocre, and a few were genuinely bad. To the MCUs credit, though…they're far, far superior to the original comics.

    Unfortunately, they've released movies far too aggressively (as hollywood does with every franchise that makes them see dollar signs), and now the entire concept of such movies is just…boring. It's like eating cake for every single meal of every single day for years on end…and now the cakes are always the same flavor and same style, and are going to be made with lower quality ingredients from here forward. But I want a goddamned steak.

  9. The real question is: What medieval weapons would time travelers really use? And the answer of course is, they wouldn't use medieval weapons at all! They'd use the most advanced weapons from the future they could get!

  10. The Ancient One's concern for her own reality is that the Time Stone would be necessary to defeat Dormammu, so not all parallel universes would get off as lightly as ones where Thanos' plan was stymied from the outset.

    I'm also thinking that the Quantum Realm is the important thing – The Ancient One told Strange that it opened up the multiverse – so the destruction of the first "time machine" is immaterial… all they need to know is how to navigate the Quantum Realm (which it seems they do or they wouldn't be able to go anywhere/anywhen at all) and they should be able to return to those other timelines/realities regardless of what alt-Thanos did to their Quantum machine.

  11. That means captain America was really like 200 years old not just 100 lol because he had already lived through the 70 years in ice incident… then went back to actually live his life during that time all the way back to the present..

  12. They did travel across dimensions. They mentioned that they traveled in the quantum realm and they had a "quantum gps" so they were fully capable of returning the stones

  13. I like the movie but I never liked how they resolved the issue with Thanos by time-travelling, seems cheating to me. Further, I agree with Shad as I also stated the same to my wife who doesn't understand about parallel-reality and paradoxes.

  14. Nicely explained, BUT Steve Rogers in his newly created reality has no duty towards anyone as his changes to it wouldn't affect him personally. He could alter evrrything, kill baby Thanos, destroy some stones … but the movie implies that he had to restrain from that for some reason. As if they weren't sure witch kind of time travel system to use in the plot.

  15. Time Travel…so Mind numbing confusion. From what I hear and read I sure I like the movie its just I really find time travel to be both confusing and too much of a cop-out..It worked pretty well in a movie called Frequency but that's a rare case for me.

    sad they wouldn't get their powers "in some instances" that was awesome.

  16. Another good example (IMO) of immutable time travel is in Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. They go back in time to do what had already been done. (OTOH, the time travel in Harry Potter and the Cursed Child is totally inconsistent with the rest of the HP universe and was a travesty of literature and we must never speak of it again.)

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