The Dallas Cowboys Pick DT Trysten Hill! Mixed Feelings But I Trust Our Front Office!

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25 thoughts on “The Dallas Cowboys Pick DT Trysten Hill! Mixed Feelings But I Trust Our Front Office!”

  1. Wants and Needs are different. Fans wanted Safety. Dallas needed DL that can stop the run and put extreme pressure on the QB. A Collapsed QB-Pocket & Backfield = turnovers and sacks. A sexy Secondary can still get burned (just look at the Chiefs Defense…one of the worst in 2018). A top-3 Defensive Front-7 gets you to the Super Bowl. Remember the RAMS GASHED our DL for 273 yards last year while Goeff threw for only 182 yards. The Sexy Secondary didn't stop the RBs. Shutdown the running game and Dallas plays Saints in NFC Championship game. Patriots shutdown the Rams Running Game and Goeff was greatly exposed.

  2. People keep forgetting that football is won in the trenches. If we can't stop the run or get pressure on the quarterback getting a top-tier safety wouldn't even matter. If you can't get pressure it doesn't matter who's in secondary

  3. If Will McClay approves, so do I. This can’t be a Jerry move because he likes the big names and the big splashes. So if Will & Stephen and the scouts think this is our best choice (there some on the board I liked more), than dammit let’s roll and welcome to the squad Trysten!!!

  4. GREAT pick. He can be plugged in right away. We're trying to win a suber bowl this year with witten amd if u can't stop the run up front, you're gonna have a long day and then perfectly compliments our defensive line👌Kris Richard will do great things with what he has in the secondary and Byron and awuzie can also play safety as a security blanket. I think Richard turns Iloka, Woods and even Heath into some ball HAWKS!! GO COWBOYS!!!!

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