The Flash 6×05 Barry and Iris go to Vacation

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26 thoughts on “The Flash 6×05 Barry and Iris go to Vacation”

  1. Iris canโ€™t cook to save her life. She canโ€™t do shit right. Cisco eating Twizlers is more interesting than westallen. Why do writers insist to shove this boring couple every scene all the damn time

  2. Dear westallen it's funny to me that u still don't get it Eric doesn't give a fuck about your ship he still deleted westallen scene even make u believe u getting see them on trip and have sexy time please…. This is every one moment say Barry goodbye next episode it's Ralph killer frost and Cecile next it's everyone u not getting westallen solo or happyness moment maybe for snowbarry because in reality Eric is westallen comics fan but on show he is snowbarry fan

  3. Barry deserves a vay cay. He will supposedly "die" in a month so he should get as much happy memories between him and Iris as much as he can accumulate. Also he has earned it after his years of service and sacrificing his happiness for the cause.

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