The GREED of Disney's Star Wars Hotel

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15 thoughts on “The GREED of Disney's Star Wars Hotel”

  1. Well sounds like those Hotels or this Hotel is just for Businessmen and Criminals, but knowing Disney there is no difference in Businessmen and Criminals so i guess that is exactly the clientele they are looking for. Also knowing Disney and knowing they give out alcohol without Walt ever wanted it maybe u even can get Hookers there now.
    I would say nothing is impossible anymore in the Disney Universe, nothing is impossible? OK Disney is missing out on common sense and equality or quality.
    So as 90% of the ppl wont be able to visit this Hotel because of the low prices they once again show how much they like to have the little man in there area and the little man of course are those who do not earn millions by stealing from others, may it be by selling stuff for ridiculus prices, selling drugs or litteraly stealing it from other ppl.
    And once again i hear Obi-Wan speaking "No where u will find more scum then in this place!"
    Now tell me George didnt forsee this back then!

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