The Linq Las Vegas Restaurants – Where to Eat NOW!

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31 thoughts on “The Linq Las Vegas Restaurants – Where to Eat NOW!”

  1. Thanks Derek I was there week of April 15th and stayed @The Linq! Great food in the area, many I missed but you can get some deals. I swear I was tipsy as a mofo bc i don't remember half of it

  2. Gordon Ramsey is fantastic but that Mexican food place blows . The food is bland Margaritas suck but I'm from Texas and when it comes to good Mexican food no place else can really compete

  3. Notice how popular a place is that mixes plenty of dining options with retail. Malls screwed up when the food court came into vogue because the food court concentrated all the dinning in one place and left no other reason to explore the mall.

  4. Thank you so much for reviewing restaurants, getting away from the simply nasty buffets. in 15 years, other than breakfast occasionally, I haven't eaten at Vegas buffets.

  5. off the strip is nuts. wife had a pasta and i had the meatball sliders. 70 $$$ no where near worth it. terrible service people took 40 minutes for the food and the place was empty. rude staff huddled up to talk all night and ignored the customers. 14 staff couldnt help 10 customers lol. hard pass on this place

  6. Hate to get off-topic, Derek, but can't help noticing so many FAT people roaming around all that food! Yikes, let's get a grip on our appetites – – before it's too late!

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