The OJ Simpson vs Cosmopolitan Las Vegas LAWSUIT Explained – This is Really Dumb

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27 thoughts on “The OJ Simpson vs Cosmopolitan Las Vegas LAWSUIT Explained – This is Really Dumb”

  1. OJ is a total douchebag. Does not surprise me that he was drinking and causing problems. Because OJ is famous, and there are still idiots whom believe there is "another killer", his "parole" officer probably came to OJ's house after calling OJ and telling him to stop going out for a few days so OJ could pass the drug and alcohol test. Did the Cosmo call police? If not, bad on them. The police could administer a breathalyzer test or do a saliva test right there or bring a person to the station for tests. Most states have a refusal law. If you refuse, you are guilty. OJ could have been in big trouble. Unfortunately, he still has "celebrity armor" that protects him from legal consequences most normal people would suffer.

  2. Lets make a video ok lets look at the facts ok but I don't have any facts oh well lets walk through the Cosmo and talk shit about OJ ,basically you no nothing about situation but feel the need to make a video about nothing. Maybe you should be leaving Las Vegas

  3. It was at Palace Station Hotel & casino where O.J was busted not The Sahara just correct you on that. And I heard he saying on TV he would never come back to Vegas what's up with that?

  4. Hi Steven, what I can say is I could care less about OJ. I wouldn't even take a picture nor get an autograph. He is a dead beat always looking to score on easy money always playing the symphaty card. I am amazed that he has all this money for his elaborate lifestyles but claims to be penniless to not pay the Brown family. The Cosmo is powerful and I see OJ going back to the box.,👍🤪

  5. I got kicked out of the Stardust in 1974 when I was 18. I thought I looked older than I was. A big well dressed man came up behind me and grabbed my shoulder, turned me around a asked how old I was. When I told him 18, he politely said…GET THE F..K OUT OF MY CASINO and gave me a shove towards the door. Of course I said Yes sir…lol

  6. He just can’t stay out of trouble and you’re right they have cameras so he’s probably on video he is done again and I never got kick out of a Casino but they did tell me to stay off the casino floor with my kids were younger

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