The Real Dreams Hotel Tour | ASMR Sleep Meditation

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33 thoughts on “The Real Dreams Hotel Tour | ASMR Sleep Meditation”

  1. It’s a tour of Dreams Hotel! Just in case you ever imagined what it looked liked beyond the checking in desk 🤗 if you wait long enough there might just be a glimpse of Malcom on his lunch break too 😉
    This video is for you to relax to, something a little different with other sounds and visuals 💜 I hope it is of use to those who need a little daydream time and sleep 💜 Lots of love from me 💖🥰

  2. How i wish i'm physically at the Dreams Hotel with you Emma as the receptionist and therapist to heal my mind, body, and soul. I wouldn't ask for more. Thank you for this lovely video Emma.🥰

  3. Ring!!!! Ring!!!! Emma I have a call for you from M & S – they are asking if you would be available as a voice over for their Christmas Advertisement 2020 -seriously this was absolutely fantastic Emma and the Hotel must be feeling very chuffed with how you presented it – Sterling Stuff xxx ps I live in Hastings I wish I would have seen you when you were down I would have said hello xxx

  4. What an incredible video! Everything just works together so beautifully: the camera shots that both showcase the space but also allow us to appreciate small details; the calming music in the background, and the ocean sounds; your narration of everything, which is so gentle and soft and unhurried. It all marries together so well! Your care and attention to detail continually impresses, but this video is something special. Thank you!!

  5. Love this concept, it's amazing! Could we please get a version without music? Don't get me wrong, it's very nice but sometimes voice alone is what you need ^^

  6. You’ve done it yet again, Emma! I really enjoy your soft-spoken videos and this one takes the cake. I feel like I’m actually there, and I love all the background sea sounds and soft music. Your pacing and hand-shadows are wonderful. Thank you!!

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