The real reason Boeing's new plane crashed twice

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31 thoughts on “The real reason Boeing's new plane crashed twice”

  1. Let’s see – German gem Volkswagen cheated environmental pollution rules with “Dieselgate” and the result was prison sentences and many billions in fines by the US Gov. Now US darling Boeing has been exposed hiding the truth about MCAS after hundreds of lives meet a violent end. Will there be a consequence?

  2. This is the main reason why EVERY engineer has to have ETHICS before MATHS.
    From software to nuclear power plants. You have to be the one to stand up and say: "No, we will not cut money here, we'll make it the right way".

  3. Basically the FAA is corrupt and it's not looking over the public's interest but after Boeing's interests, that's why it approved a plane with an obvious defect even as the airline lied about it… Good to know how untrustworthy US authorities are.

  4. Everyone realizes that Southwest Airlines is partly to blame for the 737MAX mess. During the 1990's development of the 737NG and again during the 737MAX, Boeing kowtowed to the desires of SWA cost-cutting! Whenever Boeing wanted to add a safety device (e.g. autobrakes, electronic checklist, better navigation displays etc) SWA declined unless it added no cost to the jet (then wouldn't let their pilots use them). So the blame of why the 737MAX has the same cockpit as the 1960's model can be put squarely on Southwest Airlines. Boeing simply gave it's best customer what it ask for…

  5. Seeing the shoes, passports, wallets and clothes makes this grounding not anymore to a technical issue.
    It is so sad. Imagine your girlfriend, wife or children would have been on board… 😢😭

  6. Greed was the cause of these preventable deaths. Shame on big corporations who continually eshew safety, ethical or technical standards for the profit motive. Time to hold these companies fully accountable for their misjudgements and actions.

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