The Science in Avengers: Endgame Explained

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  1. I would have thought Steve could have used the suit 70s years later to RETURN to that specific timeline or he could have lived in solitude with peggy problem is he takes peggy out of the equation

  2. I feel like you’ve slightly misunderstood the mechanics of the MCU’s time travel.

    The Ancient One explains that the main timeline always stands as it was, regardless of what you change in the past. The changes just create branches off of that original timeline.

    Captain America didn’t change history when he went to live his life with Peggy. He was closing his time loop. He was always meant to go back in time and live out his life with Peggy:
    • He was the unseen husband that Peggy had referenced in her interviews.
    • When Peggy said she married a man who was saved by Captain America she wasn’t lying, Steve technically did save his own life. It’s the whole Obi-Wan Kenobi “From a certain point of view.” angle.
    • Steve more than likely lead a very low profile life with Peggy when he returned to the past. This could explain why Sharon Carter may not have recognised him as her uncle given they may not have met or he at least looked significantly older when she saw him as a child.
    • Peggy has a relationship with Sousa in Agent Carter after Steve originally disappeared. They were never stated to have gotten married or had children after Agent Carter ended. You could easily say that Peggy and Sousa’s relationship just never worked out. The rule of film is if it didn’t happen on screen or was not stated by the filmmakers it didn’t happen. So Peggy and Sousa therefore never married or had children, so Steve changed nothing.
    • We’ve seen that Steve did return to Peggy and they married and had children. This means Steve must’ve returned sometime after the events of Agent Carter, and lived out their lives together until Peggy died in 2016. Steve then showed up on 2023 to pass his shield onto Sam Wilson. Which he couldn’t have done if he’d created a branched timeline.
    • Peggy was suffering with Alzheimer’s when she saw young Steve in 2014 and was likely re-experiencing the moment he returned to her all those years ago due to memory loss.

    What we do know is that Sharon Carter is the Jon Snow of the MCU. 😂

  3. You didn't explain shit. Fine I'll do it myself. Steve rogers returns all items to the times they were taken then lives out his life with peggy. He lives till he is a older man and she has passed on presumably, we cannot say for sure, we can only say he lived there long enough to be old, he then takes that timelines captain americas shield and brings it back to the original timeline. Again we do not know how he came back but the fact of the matter is he did, the shield is the only proof we have that he did. Anyone suggesting he stayed and lived till 110 in 2023 is overlooking the biggest piece of evidence we have which is the shield. The shield is destroyed in main timeline by thanos, but magically back with steve, he did not take a shield with him, only the hammer and a briefcase with the stones.
    The biggest hole in this movie is the shitty scene direction and choice the russo brothers made by having him be on a bench which opens speculation worms all over, how did he come back? Did alt-pym send him thus negating the pad requirement, did he use the pad a day earlier and was off course? Did he use the pad from a week before thanos destroyed avengers facility? Did he show up a hour earlier and hide behind a tree? Who knows.

  4. I think what they tried to explain in the movie is something that is more unique to their movie. Afterall, we dont know how time travel would work. So, essentially they go back and get the stones to fix their reality, which causes splits in the single timeline, however, they use the stones to beat thanos, then return them, to the exact point in time taken. This essentially is supposed to repair the fractured timeline, making it into one whole again, the entire mcu movie series, so after beating thanos and returning the stones, the original singular timeline was never essentially fractured due to the stones now being there in the past, therefore leading up to the events of infinity war, and then endgame. They've created an infinite line of past, infinity war, time heist, endgame, returning, winning, repeat. However, this allows them to ensure that while its terribly complicated, theyve essentially rewritten the Dr. Strange theory of 1 chance to win, and have instead made an infinite winning loop thereby ensuring the death of thanos in all timelines.

  5. You got it wrong. When Cap goes to the past to stay, his "past-self" is already Captain America and is frozen somewhere in the ocean. So, that "past-self" can still be unfrozen, be part of the Avengers, and everything that we all know can happen with him, that "past-self" will live an exact loop of the present Cap life.
    Now the only way old Cap couldn't be at that location at the end, is if while in the past, he in some way affected "past-self" Cap life. but I bet he was smart enough to not do it, just lived a quiet life with Peggy knowing that there's "past-self" Cap out there, dealing with stuffs.

  6. Don't think so much about logic because if you do, this movie becomes ridiculous and you won't be able to enjoy it like you used to do. Shutoff your brain and enjoy the movie.

  7. A more important fact is that, since they affected those past timelines, the timelines were given new futures, different from the “actual future/present” that would’ve lead on to happen. Returning to the present (with the stones) would close the gate between “alternate past” and “actual present” and because the alternate pasts weren’t their own, travelling back in time would just get Steve, once again, to their “actual past” where the stones were never given away.

    TLDR; Steve couldn’t return the stones to the past timelines.

  8. You’re wrong ! There’s only one original timeline! But different realities ! Pay attention to what the ancient ones says ! It’s all explained well ! And the time travel isn’t really that confusing !

  9. the only problem with this is your talking about whole other realities and the stones were not supposed to work outside the reality they were made in and so you see the plot thickens.

  10. So your conclusion is that the creators of the movie got it wrong? Haha, what? Hulk explains it, the past becomes your present and the present becomes your past. Cap still did all the things in all the other movies, he just lived out his life with Peggy while his younger self was in the ice. The time for that individual person is still linear, it just jumps around compared to that of the main timeline. And by cap taking all the stones back it doesn’t disrupt the main timeline.

  11. Hey…IT'S EXPLAINED IN THE MOVIE! If you go back in the past, that becomes your future, and so your present self becomes the past and the past cannot be changed by the future!

  12. The only way old Steve coming back works is if after going to the alternate timeline in which he marries Peggy, he then uses the pym particles to come back and appear in our much universe and appears on the bench to give falcon the shield according to the logic of time travel they used in the film. But then again doesn’t the super soldier serum prevent him from aging?🤔🧐

  13. Here's a question… The Pym particle is required to make a trip through time rt? So How did nebula bring Thanos to the present timeline world? And how did Thanos simply bring his entire army to the current timeline world with his spaceship as his army had been destroyed during the New York attack AND if it was the army Was from 2014 timeline world, then how did the army come to the current timeline with thanos having destroyed the lab from which Nebula brought Thanos from? Got any smart Answers? Marvel you have made a plot Hole for the first time with. Mistakes in the movie. Another mistake is how captain America came back to the present year after having lived in the 1940 timeline world with Peggy. He cannot simply grow old because if he did then he would have lived in a world where there was two Captain Americas… Marvel you have made a bunch of mistakes with the concept of time travel

  14. Captain America stayed in his past and became old.But he know the date and the place where the time machine was.Thats why we see captain America on the last scene sitting in a bench.

  15. You want the crowd to go home happy especially after Tony's death. I think the reason Spider Man is the last phase 3 movie is to show how they jacked up time in endgame.

  16. Marvel: killing baby thanos won't effect our reality.

    Also marvel: let's go back and kill baby hitler (deadpool im talking about)

  17. thats what i thought, this is even more broken than usual time travel rules, basically it means nothing will change because everything you changed in the past will be in a new timeline.
    Which means for example no body needs to be sad for somebody who died, just go back in time and bring the alive one back with you, boom, fresh as new.

  18. Captain America lived his life with Peggy, while B Steve is still frozen in the ocean. He would have to live in secret, but if he married, what gives Peggy Carter the initiative to start S.H.I.E.L.D.

  19. I don't like the whole timeline theories on how it branches off and whatnot, it just doesn't make sense to me and is a bit confusing…💁‍♂️ It just shouldn't be that way…💯✔ If you go back in time and do different things and take things from it you are changing the past, not creating an alternate timeline…😒…psh!!!

  20. Lol You can't think that deep into time travel and alternate timelines. If Steve decides to stay in the past, it doesn't change anything in the main timeline. Because now, in the timeline we're watching, Steve Rogers Never comes back using their "time machine" and now a version of Steve Rogers that grew old was always going to be waiting for them on the bench. Even if you want to say that the old Steve Rogers that we see isn't originally from our timeline, it doesn't matter and doesn't need deep analysis. Steve's future is always to live out his days after returning to Peggy in the past. Lol You just get a headache trying to go deeper.

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