The Summer of Chicago

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20 thoughts on “The Summer of Chicago”

  1. Chicago is a shit hole don't move here. They raise property tax like its their job. I am 3 weeks from graduating from college here in chicago stagnet wages. Its who you know not what you know. I go to one of the best colleges in Chicago and it seems like you gotta double major in MIS and accounting or comp sci or something to get a good job out the gate. Luckily though I got my dads place in the suburbs I can apply to and work at it pays less has less raises but isn't fucking cancer. It doesn't require me flying overnight doing IT consulting work for some randoms. Stack money live with parents build fuck you money.

  2. Gotta be honest you really didn’t say a whole lot about Chicago or what to look for in Chicago or things to do. You mainly shit on Seattle and reasons not to go to Seattle.

  3. Lived there my whole life and honestly its not as dangerous as people think. Mostly the violent areas are on the south and west side and, as long as you can avoid "certain people" (the niggas, wiggas and cholos) its very safe. The worst thing that could ever happen is some idiot stealing your packages if you live on the north and east side.

  4. I live in Chicago, born and raised. Cappy lived in Chicago during early 00s and keeps raving about the North Side. The North Side honestly sucks. I recommend neighborhoods like Bridgeport, Portage Park, West Loop/West Town, Midway area, Beverly, Norwood Park, Edison Park. There are cool suburbs too like Brookfield, Forest Park, Elmhurst, etc. Never live east of 90/94 (Kennedy). Wouldn't live in Hyde Park unless you work for the UofC. All the idiots who are saying "Chiraq blows" or "Chicago is a shithole, I don't want to live in a place where I'll get shot" have never been to Chicago.

  5. I'd recommend the Midway Airport area bordering the suburbs. Safe area, good hotels, with very easy access to downtown Chicago via the Orange Line train station next door to the airport.
    I wouldn't recommend driving downtown though. Traffic and parking regulations have completely gone off the rails.

  6. Yeah really the only decent part of the south side is Hyde Park. Other ok places out south like beverly but you don't really have any reason to go there

  7. Hate to break it to you but, I’ve lived in Chicago for my whole life, and it has become a disaster. Everyone I know is fleeing or has left a long time ago due to the violence, illegal immigration, terrible economy and fiscal collapse (worst bond rating and pension liability crisis). That’s why we’re leaving ASAP. There has been a steady decline in the economy, are no jobs here, rent is through the roof (unless you want to live in the ghetto). For jobs, you’ll be competing with boomers that should have retired 10 years ago. And, it’s all about who you know, not what you know.

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