The TRUTH about Fundrise Real Estate Investing

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22 thoughts on “The TRUTH about Fundrise Real Estate Investing”

  1. This is an incredible video. I can't believe it has a fraction of the tesla video. Please upvote so that we can get more super high quality videos like this.

  2. Thanks for the info on this. I've been trying to find an investment that could provide more immediate returns and not have my money locked up for 5-10 years before I see any profit. I want to invest in something that once it got going can provide me with an additional monthly income, nothing massive just a couple extra hundred dollars a month to either use for unexpected bills, boost my monthly income enough to afford rent, put away into savings, or just reinvest to increase those monthly gains. I'm not entirely knowledgeable about these sort of things so it's more than likely an investment like this doesn't necessarily exist (if my math is right it would have to provide a 5% monthly which would amount to 60% annual return and that sounds unlikely.).

  3. I just wanna ask if this is a good way to diversify your portfolio? For me I donโ€™t wanna leave all my money in a bank.. I do have the stash app & Fundrise, but I want more then that. Im new to learning so the more I learn the better

  4. Hey Graham thanks for the info on fundrise I'm glad you did the research my wife brought this to this to my attention and I wanted to check it out before we try to put some money into it it seems like a good idea like you said but the disadvantages with the taxes and the high fees don't appeal to me and I don't like my money being tied up like that so I'll continue to use stash and I'll find another way to invest in real estate thanks

  5. Dude! WTF… This is some great in depth knowledge. Also just watched your video on the fake index fund bubble that we should all be careful about lol๐Ÿ˜… Your amazing Graham. I'm surprised you don't have more haters out there because usually when someone is doing something as great as you are, you get five or six channels dedicated to putting you down! Keep up the good work!

  6. Good analysis and legwork you put into this. I would counter that I don't think the S&P will continue it's 12% average returns looking ahead. Like Fundrise, that kind of growth can't keep happening.

  7. I must say it took me a while to HIT your subscribe Button. I hard hit it because of the amount of material people keep posting to get VIEWS, but you earned it sir. Thank you so much for all this information. I have not seen someone as hoenst as you .

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