The truth about owning real estate in Mexico

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20 thoughts on “The truth about owning real estate in Mexico”

  1. That was very much appreciated information. I am seeking to find my coastal property.
    Would you please assist in this list of characteristics?
    . Clean
    . Open air, space, natural light
    . Mountain views
    . Open cottage in/outside
    . 1-2 bedroom
    . Large seamless glass shower
    . Very movie film romantic mecican style/1940's.
    . Not ornate
    . Simple

  2. So you have to be accepted by the community of mexico or be a natural citizen to aquire land not a foreigner sounds racist to me but America having a border and illegal immigrant laws is wrong

  3. Sergio, it is so sad to hear that they basically did the same thing there to the poor people as they did to my ancestors here in America. What happened to us after slavery was call "Sharecropping." There really was no "sharing" of the profits of what black people grew. They were "allowed to live on the plantation. It sounds very similar to the hacienda system. So sad. Mexico did the right thing to keep their farmland in the hands of legitmate Mexicans. I am considering retiring in Mexico. I spent some time in Yucatan and Quintana Roo. I love the energy, music, the food, sounds, and vibrant life in Mexico. And its close to the US. It make sense not to sell your beach and borders to foreigners…. very smart.

  4. I live in N. GA. Real estate scams are common in the US. Foreign nationals can buy property in the US but being a foreigner in any country puts the purchaser at a disadvantage. There are some beautiful places in Mexico, but I would rent there if I wanted to do an extended visit. Mexicans have a beautiful climate and land. As an American, I like to see countries develop their unique culture and develop it to a level of attractiveness. Most people want to take pride their country. Just like America, there are areas to be proud of and areas that are the pits.

  5. We have a genocide in South Africa. Here is a video on our farmers and they are the worlds best, most experienced farmers in the world! It would be lovely if the Mexican government can make a plan to take them in, as Mexico's climate is very close to South Africas. I would be very grateful if you can get hold of these people; the lady doing the interview and Loving Life YouTube channel, Scott. ——- The terrorist government that has been installed in South Africa is, literally, stealing their farms and kicking them off their private owned farms. You just have to google "Farm Murders" and click on "Images >>

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