The World's First Hotel for Houseplants! (ft. Wax)

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41 thoughts on “The World's First Hotel for Houseplants! (ft. Wax)”

  1. Can they care for super picky carnivorous plants? They need to be fed and given a good amount of good water, but not too much of either or they die. They also die if you give them the amount of light they actually like without slowly acclimating them into it. Or it it's not humid enough. Mine is a pain. It won't get any bigger after 5 years because of the humidity and sunlight.

  2. As someone who was vegan for 4 years: It's the meat. Yeah, the sauces are great, but the meat is incredibly satisfying. No plant burger/substitute comes close to it.

  3. I started my plant collection at 15 and I'm now 28.. it kind of sucks that it's becoming so "popular" and is a "millennial thing"…..
    for some of us it's always been a passion not something thats interesting just because its "in fashion" it just makes us for whom it's a genuine hobby look stupid. Anyways that's just my opinion.

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