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24 thoughts on “The World's Highest Hotels | The B1M”

  1. I thought the Four Seasons Hotel in the Comcast Technology Center in Philadelphia was very high… I sometimes like to follow construction projects across America and the world, but I never really knew these hotels in China were so high up…

  2. Wow, all 5 are in Asia with China has already takes 4 pots out of 5. Beautiful hotels. I wonder if there are people renting those expensive beautiful rooms.

  3. Economics are more than a bit askew in China. There's a good reason for reserving the highest floors for condominium apartments and corporate offices in most countries. That maximizes your return on investment.

    I'm surprised to learn that the Burj Kalifa is mostly apartments and corporate offices. I've only ever heard of the entire building being referred to as a hotel.

  4. bravo au architecte ce sont de vrai génie, il serait bien de leur rendre honneur en les citants, comme jean nouvel qui a créé le musée du louvre a abu dhabi .ou adrian Smith et Bill Baker qui on construit le plus au gratte ciel du monde .

  5. Would appreciate it if you post a video on the most challenging construction projects (and why it was challenging).

    Also if you could post a video on most unique construction projects (something similar to the Chernobyl reactor dome maybe)

  6. Ps – what about the Burj al Arab in Dubai? I thought it was the worlds tallest hotel, am I missing something? I was watching a documentary on the construction of it, and vividly remember them bragging that it was the worlds tallest hotel, where they lying or exaggerating? Anybody?

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