The Wynn For Free! | Vegas Travel Day 2019

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15 thoughts on “The Wynn For Free! | Vegas Travel Day 2019”

  1. When you first mentioned "hopefully the middle seat is empty", we DEFINITELY had a laugh. We're always the ones that ruin that for people. They squeeze us non-revs in every which way they can.

    We'll take any seat that, even if it means sitting in the lav lol

  2. Awesome deal! Love those automatic draperies…and so glad you guys had the chance to put the camera away for a moment.

    Folks don't understand how spending so much time filming takes away from your "me time". Truly, it's your occupational hazard.

  3. I was like "WAIT, I HAVE QUESTIONS, DON'T END THE VLOG YET!!!" LOL I have never used uber/lyft. So this may sound like a stupid question, but when you check in on your phone with one, do you use some sort of pay in advance or do you pay the driver cash? Never had a reason to use one, but will be needing to use one in Miami next year. Vegas is also on my bucket list. Nice hotel and I can't wait to see your next several videos. Hope yall have a good time.

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