Things to know BEFORE you go to LONDON – London travel tips 2019

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  1. "Avoid less touristy areas for safety" – lol. The vast majority of Londoners live and work in non touristy areas! For a city of its size, London is a relatively safe. Of course there are some dangerous areas but visitors are not likely to go there as there's nothing to see. The reason why tipping in restaurants is not mandatory is because the vast majority (probably 80/90%) add a service charge to the bill, usually around 10/12.5%. Avoid very cheap eats in London because they are cheap for a reason. It's an expensive city and if you come with a very low budget you won't get anywhere near the best experience out of your visit.

  2. Here are some more advices. For a comfortable stay, avoid the "charming" hotels in bayswater! There are nicer hotels for not that much more money. Check what ratings other travellers gives the hotels. And getting around is sometimes faster if you walk, for example between leiceter and covent garden. Don't be afraid to explore areas where you haven't been before. Last time i stayed in islington, which have a small-town feel to it but with lots of chops and pubs.

  3. The famous landmark in london is the Elizabeth tower currently undergoing renovation, it will reopen to public around 2021. I will visit london only after the tower reopens back.

  4. South Kensington tube brings you out to Thurloe Street where you can choose French or Italian coffee houses, then walk down Brompton rd where you come to the bunch of 🍇 ‘s pub which do a cheap lunch with your choice of beverage. 5 minutes away from that is Harrods the best department store in England for service and quality. The 2nd floor has the men’s designer garments and the world famous ice🍦 parlour which is next to Harrods commercial floor for gifts, 6 foot tall teddies and stationary.
    Download the Harrods app which ever platform you use, it has a map which guides you to every Hall in every floor so you can’t get lost.
    Enjoy your visit to London. ✈️ 🍷🛏💤😘

  5. I was there this last October for two weeks, and it didn't rain once! Depressing since I come from the desert, and was so hoping for rain. BOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!

  6. I live in aylesbury but having been in london many times, people visiting read:
    1: anything in the london postcode area (w,sw,nw,n,e,se,ec,nc) is london. try to get a hotel in these areas as they are closest to the center and not too expesnive (apart from hammersmith)
    2: try to fly from city, heathrow or gatwick. luton and stansted are really far
    3: Dont go out after 8pm, it gets real dodgy
    4: Try to avoid areas to stay such as westiminster and lambeth
    5: the shard is a scam, visit the sky garden instead for a better experience (as seen in 8:39)

  7. Could anyone recommend a useful and inexpensive way to go to Gatwick Airport from St. James tube stop? Can we use Oyster card to pay for the ride? How long will it take?

  8. Great video, great suggestions. But you missed one of the most important ones – even if it is a negative one – Dont attempt to drive in London, It will drive you crazy

  9. I recommend staying in South Kensington specifically near the Gloucester tube – most of those hotels are within 100 meters of the tube, it's on 3 lines (circle, Piccadilly & 1 other that links easy to every major attractions with those lines), can catch the bus or walk to the museums, Harrods & Kensington Palace, are near a Waitrose & Tesco for groceries and a laundry mat. It's also far cheaper then the hotels near Westminster and Covent Garden but not that far – some of London's hotels are crazy expensive and I've stayed in 5* elsewhere. And don't forget to cash in the remaining value on your Oyster Card before you leave. London pass is also such bad value as you won't get to the amount of attractions to make it worth a day pass – check if it makes sense for you!

  10. i love this! i actually live in england, dont go to london much tho :(( anyway, would you like to collab maybe one day? im stuck on 30 subs and id like to reach out more to channels just like mine! <3

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