This all-electric plane could help shape the future of air travel

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42 thoughts on “This all-electric plane could help shape the future of air travel”

  1. Perhaps hydrogen planes will be more viable – we need a 3 fold increase in battery power density to make small planes really useful and at least a 12 fold increase for airliners

  2. I can't believe that NASA has come up with an electric plane that has ONLY 100 Miles range.
    I hope the can learn from other Electric planes like Pipstral, Alice from EVIATION all have much higher ranges.

  3. Extremely excited for electric flight. I've tried to adjust my lifestyle to reduce my carbon footprint–I use my bicycle for most travel within 25 km of home, I eat less meat and more local produce, cut my trips to the London office, but I still fly a lot and feel guilty when I do, because one flight wipes out all the gains I've made elsewhere.

  4. Why do the small engines fold up for cruise flight? I would imagine it would take minimal energy to keep them spinning in cruise, and I was under the impression that higher efficiency can be obtained by moving a larger mass of air more slowly rather than a smaller mass more rapidly.

    As it stands, it seems (from the perspective of a YouTube commentator at chairing it up) that any efficiency gains from the higher aspect ratio wing will be lost to the multiple drag pods the engines become when they’re not in use. I heard that the storage pods on the long ez take 5 knots off the top speed alone

  5. Love the idea of an all electric plane. Just have to find a battery or power supply to make it feasible for more than hour. Maybe a long extension cord, or a big rubber band for a hybrid electric!

  6. The Government is going slow things down. I have been waiting for the electric Black Fly to be released it was going to be released in 2019 but the Government is holding up the release. It's BS

  7. It's great that NASA is doing something besides watching Russia ferry our astronauts to the ISS , but building planes is not cost effective when done by the government and allied contractors. At least we'll be paying 8 times more than needed. I guess the bean counters at NASA went to the AOC school of finance… "Spend all you want, we'll print more". And just like Orange Obama says," The economy is Booming… let's lower interest rates" Another over budget albatross to hang on our wall of failure.

  8. Electric appears to be the future way. For Planes, Trains, and Ships, I believe fuel cell technology with hydrogen may be a transportation long-distance solution that could be potentially manufactured at their ports to run these electric motors or generators.

  9. Until the replacement for lithium ion is here electric will not be viable. You have your Tesla it works sure but you do understand that Neodymium is a RARE earth mineral

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