This Hazbin Hotel Situation Is Out Of Hand

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36 thoughts on “This Hazbin Hotel Situation Is Out Of Hand”

  1. Like actually tho, hey people, can we like, haha, STOP??? I swear people do not know what an opinion is anymore. I honestly feel really bad for you. Like, you're not being rude???? Wh-I'm- PEOPLE?? People can disagree, people can say, ''oh, well, I like that'' and say it MATURELY!!???

  2. you made a review. you stated your opinion, so why can't people state their opinions on your review?
    people shouldn't be saying your opinion is wrong, but that is not what the actual commentary videos are doing. they're saying that the reasoning behind your opinion, which you chose to put out there, is faulty.

  3. People stop responding to him, he doesn't care. He drama baited an early review that was shit because he wanted attention good or bad. He got what he wanted and now he gets to milk all the negative attention for as long as yall keep bombarding him. He doesn't care, if you really want him to stop, stop watching this shit and stop responding.

  4. Look. I'm going to be honest. I only watched your vid after a friend ranted to me about it. I will say that I disliked your video because of the opinion and not for quality. But I feel that you should have had a bit more good points for the review since you said you watched it multiple times through

  5. You did a shit take and got blasted for it, then doubled down, then did a video that's tangentially related to the backlash and now you're trying to pretend that said video about YouTube criticism made in the context and immediate aftermath of you getting blasted for your original video criticizing something on YouTube is apparently totally not related guys, I swear.

    You clearly haven't moved past it yourself. Just fucking let it go, stop talking about it and the fanboys will go away. ~OR~ Alternatively, keep talking about it to drive views if that's what you're doing, but don't pretend you've moved on when you clearly haven't.

  6. I disliked because your "review" is a colossal trainwreck.
    Prime example who you rant about how it isn't an adult animated comedy because in your opinion the jokes are too juvinile and then you go on about how children shouldn't watch it because "Children shouldn't be exposed to this level of adult humor" which is directly contradictory. Or rather you rant that no one should apparently see it because reasons.
    Many of your reasons for disliking the show is in my opinion frankly invalid and tenuous at best.
    Worst part is that you're doing multiple videos now (more than one) on the show which you apparently didn't like because of all the attention it brings you, for good or bad, just so you can go "oh look at me the victim I'm the one who's right!".

    After all you knew it would be like this, as evident in the first 5 seconds of your "review" and the 2X the amount of views in half the time. All you've seen in all of this is those fat fucking $ $ in your eyes.

  7. I thought Hazbin Hotel was gonna be the best thing to come out this year and leave some sort of impact with its animation…But I was wrong…it wasn’t Hazbin. It was the Joker Film that left an impact. Joker was the Best thing to come out this Year.

    And to see something like this: this man who just wanted to give his review about a 30 minute pilot and shows it to the world and in response to be treated with absolute Hate, Anger and Despite. Not just by the Fans…but the Creator herself.

    Hazbin Hotel did achieve something alright. It made me lose faith, not only on the creator, or the people who worked on it or the now toxic fandom who are just licking the heel of Viv’s shoe…but also to Humanity as well. It just shows that we live in a Society of those who are no different then the residents of Hell of the Hazbin Universe…

    And you know. That’s actually kinda Funny and Sad at the same time. A show about Redemption with a Community who are far from Redemption…

  8. This really is getting out of hand, and to all the HH fans out there-

    You're not only hurting yourselves, and the fandom, but you're also hurting Vivz. Hazbin WAS. NOT. PERFECT. There are things that can DEFINITELY be improved on. Trying to declare otherwise is going to SERIOUSLY turn people off to her product, just because of the way you are white-knighting for it. You are saying it is something that it is *NOT*, and when you over promise and under deliver like that, but keep INSISTING that they don't know any better, they are going to dislike it EVEN MORE, because reverse psychology.

  9. Honestly a lot of those comments were pretty petty- I feel kinda bad for you tbh.
    See, I love Hazbin, but you have your own opinion. And that’s okay!!!! Just because you have a different opinion doesn’t mean people should target you for that.
    I’m sorry, man. It’s cool you have your own opinion, but honestly people should agree to disagree. Hopefully some of these people can grow a pair and get over it-

  10. Welcome to current year, when people have such thin skin that they can get offended by your opinion merely existing on this very planet.
    But, in fairness: If you jump into a pool of piranhas such as current year internet with your own opinion that might differ from theirs, don't complain if you get bitten or ripped to shreds.
    You took a dive, now face the piranhas on your bloody butt gnawing you a new one. Every further video about this topic is just holding in yet another hand or foot into that pool of piranhas to see if they are sated and the water is safe again. Just leave them be and let them forget about you.

  11. Bruh I think it's funny that you have fans. 90% of the points you made in the hazbin hotel review were ass and all your did was criticize hazbin hotel,all you did was hate on hazbin and now that people notice that and call you out for it. Your blaming it on the video quality

  12. Just saying, if people are able to have their own opinions then let them have it, stop talking about it. You’ve already said your peace. You should have left it at the first video. Now you’re just feeding the fire man. As you say “grow up”. You don’t need to do the whole back and forth shit.

  13. I don’t think you’re considering that most of the people who saw your video were probably kids, it really shouldn’t be that big of a surprise. Also your review didn’t really feel like a review, you should’ve worded it better. After watching it I realized that it’s literally just your opinion. Though some of the stuff you said in that video are a little bit questionable, that really shouldn’t matter cause it was just an opinion. But see that’s were the problem comes in, most people who saw the video are kids, ofc something like this would be an issue

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