This Hotel Was KIDS ONLY.. I Found An ADULT Trapped! (Minecraft)

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41 thoughts on “This Hotel Was KIDS ONLY.. I Found An ADULT Trapped! (Minecraft)”

  1. It is cringe Dylan but that is child talk. But you do need to act like a child who wants cookies,candies,chocolate bars,ice cream, some milk and toys? Ya know. I have a baby bro so i know. Except he died.. on valentines day.. and he was only 6 months old

    And great video! 😀 Btw you should prank z more >:3

  2. I love the little Timmy guy!
    He made me laugh all time!
    Small kids are so cute!
    I'm a kid too! But not so young like Timmy!
    This is one of your best videos
    ❤❤❤❤Sir Dylan!😍😍😍😍❤❤❤❤
    I watch your videos all time and I love them!

  3. LittleTimmy: "What be up?"
    LittleJimmy(Hyper): "i have some questions for you "
    LittleTimmy:"NO QUESTIONS!"
    LittleJimmy(Hyper):"y not?" <– THAT'S A QUESTION THERE'S A QUESTION MARK
    LittleTimmy: "Get me a cookie first!"
    LittleJimmy(Hyper): "Where do I get them from?" <– THAT'S ANOTHER QUESTION!

    LittleJimmy(Hyper): "Can we talk now?"
    LittleTimmy: "THANKS! okay ask questions now!" <– He's been asking questions he's already ask u 2 questions jimmy, Y can't he ask questions and where is the vending machine from. Timmy why have u lied to us? Lied to us all? Lol Timmy lied to us! NO questions hyper asks two questions and then Tim just tells him, he basically does accept questions. Hyper u have been scammed by LittleTimmy😂 U gave him a cookie for no reason lmao. I suggest u figure out a way to get that cookie back😂😂😂 otherwise try to get another one. Love u and ur vids hyper!<3 have a nice night/afternoon/morning/evening !

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