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20 thoughts on “This is NOT a travel video | Little Grey Box”

  1. I don’t know if I heard my name ‘freaking out’? 🙂 It’s ‘FG’ or ‘OJ’?
    I guess it’s OJ, he has some experience in ‘freaking out’… 😉🤭
    Anyway… I’m not going anywhere, so relax and enjoy Costa Rica 🇨🇷 + Mexico 🇲🇽!
    You’re doing both extremely well, so it would be unfair to give you ‘advice’. I loved the Paris vlogs, because I’m European. But I also loved the Vietnam vlogs and I have never been there. Looking forward to the Costa Rica vlog!
    Enjoy the trip!!

  2. I’m curious of what region of Costa Rica you guys will visit. Also Phoebe your enthusiasm and energy is Amazing and Fantastic! Editing is good too. Don’t change that, lol. I enjoy your videos and places of travel. Thanks for sharing your work. Cheers from Toronto, Canada 🙂

  3. Haha nice mentioning I am freaking out! And you're right! But you deserve your rest, take it and come back whenever you feel like. I'm so curious to Mexico! Also what I really love about your videos is that you give locals the time to speak, especially in your recent videos. I would love to see more of the modern Asia, the Caribbean and Western Australia (because I feel like that's underrated compared to the East Coast)! I guess you'll come back when I'm about to start my trip to Australia (Friday 13th of December, is that unlucky? Well at least the plane tickets were on discount😅). Thank you for being here every Friday and have a great few weeks! ✌️

  4. That’s ok Phoebe & Matt, I can survive 2 weeks without a new video!, all of your videos I have watched so far, I find are of the highest quality & are full of fantastic content & information & there’s nothing really I can fault about them, so I say keep doing what you are doing, thanks.

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