This is why I'll NEVER flip houses…

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28 thoughts on “This is why I'll NEVER flip houses…”

  1. Hi Graham!  What is your position on manufactured homes?  I live in San Diego where everything, other than manufactured homes are listed upwards of $300k (and that's in a bad area) Would greatly appreciate your thoughts on this..  Thank you and keep up the good work.

  2. Interesting video, my dad and I just got into real estate and he wants to flip houses while I prefer getting rental properties. Like you said being able to not have to worry about so much. Although I think doing both would be fun to do, but quite the investment

  3. You're so cool you couldn't even fathom! 🦄😎
    And I'm straight. 😅
    You're so ahead of the game that I get a bit discouraged looking at my situation. 😢
    By the way, kudos to you, Graham.
    I'll keep following you. 🤺 Cheers

  4. Love the videos.
    I don’t agree with this logic though.
    Making 25-50k on a flip is awesome. I can flip 4 houses a year and still take the summers off.
    There aren’t many jobs that allow that

  5. I have decided to post my net worth in every video you upload. After starting my new job i wanna make sure clear my debt asap (it was at 8k) and that i start investing once im in the clear again.

    $2500 in investments
    -$1500 in cc debt
    Net worth @28/04/19

  6. I would never work remodeling your house because you might get a 2×4 to the head for showing up so much bird dogging 🤘 I know you're concerned about the progress because so many people suck at their job. Maybe you should hire a higher quality company you don't need to keep tabs on because they are professionals

  7. Ever heard of a "pre- foreclosure…" and acquiring it" subject to, the existing loan/s? Or via an AITD?? (And paying- off the back payments, penalties and/ or liens?) You might look into that, Graham… "Buy – n – hold" using bank loans, and then not reselling atop the end of the next "seller's market" is a FOOLS BET, almost every time. (Afterall… the markets go up, then down, and then you don't make anywhere near as much long, term… almost entirely, BY DESIGN… and I'm 20 years older than you, lived through four RE, etc. cycles, I can recall…) I don't know what's more 'short- sided' these days? Playing by the NAR's rules?? Or not reselling prior to the next 'correction…' then waiting another 10- 30 years, to someday… 'break even?!?" Simple formula: In Cali, find 30% plus equity Prefores: bring current, resell, repeat x 4- 12 a year and make 10X the money, at minimum. Having 'tenants,' is for MULTIFAMILY x 15 plus doors. Sandwich lease option them for 24 months plus… and make FAR MORE, per house. Get with the REI program, man!

  8. Gram how can I talk to you in person or phone email, I wanna tell you what I’m doing . If I forgot anything. a contract to real estate 386 three one six. 59 two seven. I’m willums. I dont know? What I’m thinking but this is what my gut feels won’t hurt. Thank you!! You are the man bro. Keep up the good work. On point. Thumbs up…. god bless everyone!!

  9. To flip houses your not gonna turn a profit if you cant do the work inside of them. You need to know how to demo and rebuild an entire house a lot to know.

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