Thomas cook | Travel Agent | 1990s High Street | Thames News | 1990

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27 thoughts on “Thomas cook | Travel Agent | 1990s High Street | Thames News | 1990”

  1. That's a shame. Blame your damn gov for letting all the British brands go abroad or get bankrupt. Everyone wants to stay at the top regardless who will pay the price. Loyalty towards one's country is no longer valid.

  2. ironic is it not that its the banks the government bailed out who have pulled the plug on a  much regarded brand putting people out of work. Gordon brown and Alistair Darling were willing to spunk billions keeping the banks all open in 2008 but £200 million to keep the banks off Thomas cooks back could not be found. Truly a crying shame and good reason to prove how the banks own this country and do what they like. too big to fail and they know it and do as they please.

  3. To be fair even back then it was Teletext holidays in a shop front. The ones remaining are just internet search engines on the high street. The community aspect of booking your yearly holiday with the same trusted travel agent is what has been lost and that’s a real shame. Neoliberalism at its very finest.

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