Three Days Solo Exploring In Penang, Malaysia's Little Heaven ⎮Travel Vlog

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24 thoughts on “Three Days Solo Exploring In Penang, Malaysia's Little Heaven ⎮Travel Vlog”

  1. Hi beautiful friends! I’m truly excited to share this vlog with you, I hope you enjoy it and feel inspired to visit Penang (or maybe fall even more in love with it if you have already been/live here)❤️ I had the time of my life on this little island, and I’m so grateful for my time in Malaysia💕 here’s to a new adventure, see you in the next country!🌻

  2. Kek lok si temple hold short pilgrimage around end of the year for 2 weeks or so. So you can also experience monkhood with other females one thing though you got to let go of your hair. Going bald is such an experience. While I was doing the pilgrimage its life changing to see how others cope the life of no attachment and embrace life as a buddhist monk. Simple and present.

    The fact that you like mix rice is so Malaysian. I like how you are being so international yet local. All your vlogs are my favourite! Journey mercy to our lovely Jasmine.

    Btw the reason why the person gave you back the 6 for mix rice is because you could have spoken chinese, because no mix rice is suppose to go more than 10 unless you are a foreigner. Yea they usualy charge more towards foreigner.

  3. I don't think you like bad guys, based on your shirt but I laugh for a bit. 😂
    Anyway, a beautiful vlog as always, which always made me want to travel all around the world! There's so many beautiful places and your presence made it even more special! Love you from France. ❤

  4. Looking radiant, as ever Jasmine. <3 And truly every shot of the places you visited looks amazing and so captivating! Def recognize the work you must put into editing. 🙂 I was also gonna say that I am currently reading a book, that I just need to recommend to you! It's such a gem & has brought me so much joy. Its called "Until today!" (I just want to say that the author mentions 'God' every now & then, but she also writes that what ever you resonate 'God/Universe' with – go for it). xx

  5. Thanks for taking us on an amazing adventure through your vlogs. Penang vlog is my favourite lol. You ended the series with an amazing view. I am looking forward to the next vlogs series. Take care Jasmine.

  6. Hi jasmine, how do you research where to go? You seem to know the best places to visit in Penang. Thanks for showcasing the beauty of Malaysia & Penang in particular

  7. dear, to me you have always been a life coach there inspiring and encouraging me every time i feel confused, lonely and lost. Just can not thank you enough. Enjoy all the videos you created. Love ya

  8. Hi Jasmine,enjoy ur vlog..Great introduction on your video. Editing skills 👍.Did you like the chinese desserts?Do your family have such desserts often?It is my favourite. Yes , you are a blooming flower 🌸. Like the ending part where you decided to visit the jetty and reflects on your Malaysia trip. I reminds me of taking things slowly in my daily lifes. Have a great day ahead 🍪🌈🌈

  9. Can you please do a video on how you take care of your personal items ? Like your passport and laptop etc important stuff. Do you bring it with you every time you leave the hotel or do you leave them at the hotel ?

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